Faith, Family, Academics, and Athletics

Roar Lions

Faith, Family, and Academics form the centerpiece of the JPII athletic program. These are essential elements to prepare you for success in the world in which you will live, work, play, and pray.

Couple the above with a strong program of interscholastic athletics and you have a winning combination that will provide you with the foundation for a successful future.

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Interscholastic Sports


  • Cheerleading
  • Boys and Girls Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Volleyball


  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Boys Diving
  • Girls Diving
  • Boys Ice Hockey
  • Girls Ice Hockey
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Boys Swimming
  • Girls Swimming


  • Baseball
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Girls Lacrosse
  • Sailing
  • Softball
  • Boys Tennis
  • Girls Tennis

Academic Excellence

Faith forms the cornerstone of your JPII athletic experience. In believing in something greater than yourself and what is sometimes unseen, you will build a stronger faith in yourself, in your school, in your coaches, and in your teammates. This stronger faith will make you a better teammate and loyal Lion family member.

Family atmosphere is critical to all we do. Family at home. Family at school. Family of student-athletes. You will build relationships, be taught to communicate, learn to be tolerant of others, and be afforded opportunities to lead in a positive manner. The support that you provide others will be essential to strengthening your “families.”

At St. John Paul II High School interscholastic-athletics are considered an extension of the classroom.

Classroom expectations such as daily attendance, punctuality, preparation, participation, and working together are also growth opportunities for you after the last class of the day is finished. The life lessons taught by your coaches will benefit you for years to come – in college, the workplace, your relationships, and in your community.

Seeking extra help from your teachers is not only encouraged but expected. You will be challenged to be the very best that you can be – the best athlete and the best teammate – and, most important, the best student that you can be.

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