Leadership Studies and Practicum

leadership-pic2This innovative program introduces leadership theory and develops leadership skills necessary for current and future leaders in society.

The course is open to seniors who seek to develop and enhance leadership skills.

The course is taught by the Director of Leadership Studies and “co-taught” by community leaders who contribute to class lectures.


Fall: The fall component of the class is classroom-based. Students meet daily as a class to study communication, ethics, and the philosophy of leadership.

Spring: In the spring semester, students demonstrate leadership development through the completion of a practicum within a professional context in the community.

Practicum: Students are required to complete an independent practicum assignment in the professional context of the community in the spring. Students meet weekly in the spring semester to discuss challenges, successes, and reflection as a group. Students meet individually with the program director to ensure progress. Completion of the practicum includes a written reflection and oral presentation.

Profile of the JPII
Graduate at Graduation


The Pope John Paul II High School graduates:

– Communicate confidently and effectively with individuals and in group settings;

– Listen with empathy to the voices of others and advocate especially for the marginalized and vulnerable;

– Collaborate with others to work toward common goals while maintaining personal values and aspirations;

– Engage meaningfully in personal and professional roles in their communities;

– Exemplify trustworthiness and integrity, choosing ethical behavior in all situations;

– Look to our Lord Jesus Christ as a model of servant leadership.

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