The Blue & Gold

What’s the Plan?

For the past year, since the announcement that St. Margaret Regional School would be united with SFXP and JPII, the Advisory Board and school staff have been developing a three-year strategic plan which will guide the development of our school. This plan has included your valuable input from our annual parent satisfaction surveys, plus significant Advisory Board and staff input and review. The Strategic Plan 2019-2022 has now been submitted to the Catholic Schools Office for review and approval. I invite you to read the school’s plan currently under review.

Let me offer a HUGE THANK-YOU to all for the tremendous night our school enjoyed at “2019 GlitterGala.” The sold-out house enjoyed great food, weather, and camaraderie while giving generously to support the school. Gratefully, $85,000 was raised to support the school programs our students enjoy. In a particular way, I am deeply grateful to Co-Chairs Kristen Hyde and Katie McConnell, who have elevated our auction significantly these past two years through their hard work, tenacity, good ideas, and leadership.

The simple fact is that we aspire to “A+” athletics while working with *less than* A+ campus fields. To address this, at the auction, I announced “Phase One” plans to renovate fully the school’s softball field and athletic practice area. Our plans call for a new, laser-leveled, top-shelf softball field including fencing, dugouts, scoreboard, and amenities. With this new field, SFXP students will play soccer and take physical education classes while the combined SFXP/JPII softball team trades today’s below-par conditions for tomorrow’s green gem. At the auction, we raised an initial $13,100 in “Fund-a-Need” for this field renovation project (Thank you!). Ultimate success will require approval for a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) grant, and work on this proposal is well underway. I will keep you informed as we make progress!

Now in the busy month of May, we know that school life teaches change and transitions; accepting and managing them, finding the Holy Spirit amidst them, and forming a life welcoming of what is ‘not yet.’  Seniors and eighth-grade students now enter the transition to secondary and post-secondary life. Fourth-grade students are preparing to leave the safe and loving confines of St. Margaret Regional School and journey to SFXP or other schools. At this penultimate month of the year, my prayer for families, staff, and students “in transition” is that you find all of the grace and peace God holds for you.

Thank you for all you do for St. Margaret Regional School, St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School, and St. John Paul II High School!

Christopher W. Keavy