The Blue & Gold

Clean Start

I’m pleased to tell you that our first two weeks have run smoothly and that students, staff, and families are getting back in the swing successfully. Thank you for your patience with the inevitable hiccups of school opening; after all, we’re in this together. Blessedly, temperatures cooperated, and I’m praying for more of the same month. 

At our opening staff meeting, we reflected on two essentials that make our Catholic school worthy of forming your children: mission and relationships. First, to the best of our ability, we live out a Christ-centered mission that makes adults and students alike better people. Second, the quality of relationships between students and staff, amongst students, and between families and the school are marked by respect, cooperation, and trust. With your help, we will do our best again this year to amplify our mission and develop strong relationships across the board. 

This week, 64 St. Margaret students, 231 SFXP students, and 243 St. John Paul II students (total=538) began their school year with us. I am proud and grateful that, in a period and region of multiple free school options, you find value and have confidence in the habits, values, and vision that we share with your children.

You are invited to the school for meaningful occasions in the weeks and months ahead.

First, come worship with us. 

  • St. Margaret Primary School Masses are celebrated every Friday, 8 AM, at St. Margaret of Scotland Church. Parents, grandparents, and friends are always invited. 
  • The St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and St. John Paul II High School Opening Mass was celebrated today. Approximately once monthly, we take Holy Mass together and you are always welcome to attend. Our next all-school Mass will be the Feast of St. John Paul II, October 22 at 10 AM. Join us!

Second, see the school and meet administrators, staff members, and teachers.

  • If you missed St. Margaret’s “Parent Open House” on Wednesday, September 4, call Mrs. Hutchison at school and she will arrange a time for your personal visit to the school. 
  • SFXP and JPII parents are invited to “Meet the Faculty” Mini-Class Night on Thursday, September 19, starting at 5:45 PM for SFXP classes and 7:10 PM for JPII classes. Mini-Class Night is a favorite evening where parents follow their child’s class schedule, meet teachers, and attend courses. 

Finally, meet new families, renew old acquaintances, and support the school at Oktoberfest, our fall fun-raiser, and fund-raiser. Sponsorship opportunities are available, ticket prices are reasonable, and the beer will be cold. I hope to see you at Cape Cod Beer on October 19.

Thank you for all you do for St. Margaret Primary School, St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School, and St. John Paul II High School! 

Christopher W. Keavy