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Head of School Message

That’s a Wrap

Recently and interestingly, David Coleman, President of the College Board (which oversees the PSAT, SAT, and AP programs), came forward to publicly support religious schools. Among those reasons is this one, He said,

“A gift offered by religious schools is grace and gratitude. A religious training invites us to strive with all our might but also to recognize the limits of our power. My job gives me the blessing of dealing with many students and their families who have earned academic distinctions of all sorts; let me assure you that what is lasting is the grace and gratitude that makes a young person both more humble and stronger, less fragile in their success. We have all too many examples in our society of highly successful people who have hurt us all by taking still more, drunk on an exaggerated sense of what they believe they have earned by their own hand alone. In replacing entitlement with gratitude, we are invited to think deeply about what we owe to others instead of what is owed to us.”

Grace and gratitude. I have seen these in abundance, here, at our “religious” school. Now having experienced SFXP and JPII Class of 2018 graduations, I see the culmination of our school’s formation; young people prepared for success yet aware of and responsive to grace and gratitude.

Also, please accept my sincere gratitude for your support. You support us in many ways; through forgiveness of our shortcomings, your financial giving to the Annual Fund and Auction, your positive promotion of the school in the community, and most importantly, that you entrust your sons and daughters to us.  

Let’s have a great summer. See you around campus!

Thank you for all you do for St. John Paul II High School and St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School.

Christopher W. Keavy
Head of School